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Changing these settings will remove the buffered video.

Video Source

This is the link to the video. Open this and play the video on that site and our addon will catch the video stream

Absolute File path

Enter the absolute url of the video file (not needed if you are using the addon)

Streaming suffix

This is the suffix used to change the position of the video in the server. Leave as it is if you are not sure


Changing these settings will not remove the buffered video


Copy and paste the subtitle content from the file. Open the file, select all(CTRL+A), copy(CTRL + C) and paste it here (CTRL+V)


Syncing with video

Enter a time to be added to the subtitle playing offset

Live subtitles

Click play this now to play that subtitle on the video now. (Easy way to sync with the video if the subtitle is shifted)

You need to add subtitles from the subtitles tab for the subtitles to be loaded here.

Play this now